Tuesday, August 4, 2015

(Day 20) ZOooo

It's hard to believe that today in not only my last day in berlin but my last day in Europe, no more cities after this. This has definitely been an experience of a lifetime and I just wish every student could do this program. My last day simply consisted of fun and reflexion. First I started the day off by going to the zoo, which happens to have more species than any other zoo in the world. It was beautiful and calming to see so many different kinds of animals even though sometimes cages seem inhumane to me. Seeing so much beauty just make you appreciate the entire experience. After the zoo, we returned just in time to go ton the boat cruise. The boat cruise is always one of my favorite activities in each city simply because it allows you time to just reflect of life. It was such a calming experience and I am truly grateful for this opportunity. As I get ready to pack my bags I say goodbye to Europe but only for a short time. I have really fell in love with international travel and plan to return here and explore more countries in the future. Thank you TNCIS !