Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 29, 2011

Today I had a really good day. . . Woke up this morning to a great breakfast, had a great lecture on today also about Consumer Behavior by Dr. V, such a great instructor and professor. . . After class, of course we had the usual LUNCH which was different from the days before and very good I might add. . . After finishing lunch, I relaxed for a little while until we decided to make a visit to the museum which was quite interesting. . . But overall I had a good day and that just seems like everyday Im not sure why but Im just trying to make the best of everyday while Im here because I know when I go back home everything is going back to the norms and I gotta get back used to it. . .I GUESS. . . I will now be discussing what I've learned from talking to someone of Dutch nationality. . .

Today's assignment was to explore outside of the norms and to find out about the rituals/traditions of any nationality of our choosing. . . Also, to compare to the U.S. . I decided to approach a male, who works here at the Hostel. . . One of the traditions that he spoke to me about was getting acquainted with others by shaking hands or rather giving each a kiss on the cheeks. . In the U.S., we don't do too much kissing on the cheeks rather giving a hand shake or two. . He also mentioned to me that during breakfast in the mornings, they either eat breads or potatoes in the a.m. which is odd to me because in the U.S., we have scrambled eggs, bacon, fried bologna, etc. . . There's always going to be a difference in certain cultures. . . We do celebrate birthdays the same by having a cake I might add. . . But another thing thats different is when we're presented a gift, we might wait to open it but for the Dutch culture, presents are unwrapped straightaway. . . But one thing that's crazy to me is they celebrate Christmas on a Saturday actually December the 6th to be exact. . Lastly, they also eat pancakes like a deep fried one but I'm guessing it's a tradition that's been around for a while or so. . .

The Dutch culture is very unique. . . This can, of course, be said of each culture BUT they physically set their selves apart from any other cultures. .

Queen's Day

Talk about rituals. Today’s assignment was one of the best we’ve had. Our Mission-- go out and talk to a Dutch person and find out about one of their rituals.

Meet Gebbe De Vet. He works at our Hostel and I must say he’s one awesome guy. De Vet told me about one particular ritual they have in celebration of the Queen’s birthday, April 31, which by the way really isn’t her birthday, but her mother’s birthday. They celebrate by going to Amsterdam. The event normally brings about one million people from everywhere, and it’s a must for everyone to wear orange.

During the day, kids and their families have a “second hand” sale day on the street and everything sells for one Euro. In Dutch, they call it Vrij Mart. DE Vet told me you can get almost anything for a Euro, along w/ drinks and entry into the Kermis, which is carnival. When I finished talking to him I felt as if I had been right along with him celebrating the Queen’s birthday!


So we were coming back from the shopping strip today and saw these three guys walked by. Hours later we leave the hostel and run into them again, I took it as a sign that I was supposed to interview them. Dr. V asked us to talk to a native about their traditions. I talked to two young men by the name of Elco he's Dutch. I asked them about their traditions on different special occasions such as birthdays and holidays. When they celebrate birthdays they celebrate it one day with their friends and one day with their family and usually drink beer. I asked his friend Anish from India about their weddings. They celebrate someone getting married tree times. The women  celebrate together, the men celebrate together then they come together and celebrate together. The women wear saahris, which are the long gorgeous colorful WRAPS. They celebrate the New Years like us. They pop fireworks, drink champagne, and party. The Dutch Independence day is on May 5, when they gained freedom from Germany. They usually have parades, the only people who usually celebrate it are veterans or the elderly people. The last holiday I asked about was Christmas. Their Christmas is basically like ours. They have Christmas trees as well, they just now started putting their presents under the trees. Before they just gave the gifts to each other after dinner. I enjoyed conversing about our different traditions and found that some occasions are celebrated the same way.

Holidays and Special Occasions

Today i met two girls from Moscow that introduced me to a some of their countries popular traditions and holidays. As for us in the U.S we heavily advertise our yearly holidays such as Christmas, Fourth of July, New Years along with a few other popular days like Halloween and St. Patricks day. To highlight these days we often times make them memorable by having a parade, being around a lot family, enjoying a feast of food, giving and receiving gifts and dwelling on the meaning behind the actually day itself and what it represents.
Sasha and Katzin from Moscow said that a very popular holiday in their country is New Years, similar to the U.S in the name, but very different. New Years for the people of Moscow is a holiday that is enjoyed for two weeks!Below are some of the traditions and things they do:

  • Like us they also go buy fireworks

  • At 12 midnight they write a wish on a piece of paper and light it, as the paper burns they put it into their glass of Champagne and drink it. By doing this it is supposedly said that the wish will come true.

  • A very common dish that is prepared throughout this time as well is the Russian salad which is called oliv'e, which is the name of the man who fist prepared the dish.

  • Depending on what type of year it is, being the year of a horse or rabbit for example the people usually eat vegetables representing the animal.

  • Christmas for this country is celebrated on the 6th of January and it starts at night on the 6th and goes through the 7th. On this holiday families often prepare a duck, like we would a ham or turkey.

Brazilian Holidays

Today after class I met an individual named Rapheal. WhileI was speaking to him I asked him about his culture. The questions that I specifally asked him were about his countries holidays which was Brazil. When I asked him what his favorite holiday was he told me it was called Carnivale. I then asked him what rituals does he use to celebrate this holiday. He told me that what he likes to do is get alot of his friends and walk down the street and drink cold beverages. He also told me that sometimes the people like to build giant coolers and walk them down the street and pass out drinks to the people. There is also alot of dancing on this holiday and the favorite thing to do is go to electronic music clubs.

Spido Tour

Today we took a tour of the Port of Rotterdam on a boat called the Spido. While beautiful and very relaxing this trip was also very educational. I find it really neat that multiple languages are nothing here, most individuals speak at least 2 to 3 languages on average, and the fact that the whole city caters to that is amazing. While on the boat we had an audio tour guide that would give us back ground knowledge and history of the boats and buildings we were passing in the in most common languages. Starting with dutch, then german, then english. With Rotterdam known as the second largest city in The Netherlands it makes since that the Rotterdam ports are a major international exporting city that holds such rich history. I learned that the area where the exporting is done is also a shipment repair area as well. The ship yard fam brick is the maintence and repair dock, there are tons of TEU which stands for twenty foot equlivant unit that are held in Rotterdams shipment area; and there are more than 16 million freight ferry services that transport cargo though various places throughout Europe. The SCA transforest is the subsidiary that owns the Interforest terminal Rotterdam, being established in 1967, the Interforest terminal Rotterdam handles forest products and other specialzed cargo from bulk carriers.Covering three major business area's the Interforest terminal Rotterdam breaksdown its orgainzation throughout: Interforest Terminals, Transforest Shipping, and Transforest IT and Logistics. To sum everything up we also learned about the surrounding building we were passing such as the STC group building. The STC is known as a global leader throughout a number of industries and also plays a major role in the shipping port and logistics. The building has a uniques shape that has been formed into a piece of Rotterdams chess set that you can see people playing throughout the city. And lastly we discovered the city of windmills that travels all the way through Switzerland, known for its old distillery and they also say that it is older than the city of Rotterdam it self. Very imformative right.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The port

Today after we were all instructed to go and meet our proffessor at the ports in Rotterdam. As we all decided to walk all the way there we go lost but on our way their we saw this giant green statue that is made of barrels. We finally made it to the ports and after we made it to the ports we met our teacher and go onboard the ship. After we got situated on the boat we all took a tour of the ports of Rotterdam. As we rode the boat we saw nothing but open water and were surrounded by giant cranes and vessels carrying tons of cargo. We learned about how many major companies decide to utilize this port to transport their cargo back and forth. Another thing that was discovered was how every company uses the same size storage units just so they can all fit and stack on top of each other perfectly. My experience today was something that was very different and I will never forget it.

Mundane things

Tuesday started off with a very loud thunder and a promise of rain. The plan was to double up the class if it rained. Contrary to what the weatherman said, the sun peeked at 1300 and we were off to the Port of Rotterdam. It was a 90 minute tour of the port with interesting, but rather basic commentary. The 180 minute tours start only in July, so we may have to time the trip differently next year.

Then, it was time to do the laundry. Since den Blaak location does not house washer and dryer, we had to find one. Of course, the nearest one was 20 minutes biking distance all across the town. I think that there are closer ones but I just didn't have time to look for one. Plus, this Waserrettee is very inexpensive - only 7 Euro for 7 kilos. It is full service, as well (meaning that they will fold it and iron it for us).

Finally, we went to the really old part of Rotterdam that survived the German bombing. The buildings were just like what you see in Amsterdam, even more beautiful. I just wonder what the city looked like before the WWII. I think that last year I saw a poster of an old Rotterdam, so I will try to find one tomorrow.


Today was absolutely a great day. It was hot and sunny, so we took a boat trip on the “Spiro” to see lots of different sites along the river and beyond. We learned that Port of Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe, and from 1962-2004, it was known as the busiest port in the world. In the first half of the Twentieth century, the port activities moved toward the North Sea and a large canal was built to connect the river to the sea to make it easier to load and unload crates onto the ships. Over the years, the seaport expanded with it, the development of a new dock. Even though this boat ride was supposed to be more educational than anything else, I was totally relaxed with the soft sway of the boat and the wind blowing a cool breeze, I could see towering windmills on the horizon.

Port of Rotterdam

Today we took a tour of the port of Rotterdam. This tour was my first time on a boat and I didn't get seasick; I loved it. We started off on the old side of the port where it was more of a residential area. The first big site i saw was the World Musem. We are supposed to visit it later on this week. I actually am looking forward to the visit so I can learn more about the differnet cultures that inhabit the earth. While sailing through the port i got to see the huge containers that I would normally see on trains. It was enlighting to see where they might have come from. I also got to see where damaged ships go to get repaired. My favorite site was the S.S. Rotterdam. It instantly reminded me of the Titanic. It actually is the largest ship built in The Netherlands. It ceased service in 1997 and has been turned into a hotel. Overall I really enjoyed the tour and I am looking forward to the rest of the week here in Rotterdam.  

Spido Tour (Jun. 28, 2011)

Today was a great day, which seems like everyday has been a GREAT for me just having the experience to live and have fun at the same time is a blessing to me honestly. But enough about me though, today started off the same way as usual except we had class this morning at 10:15, which was perfectly fine to me.  The chapter we covered today was Supply Chain Management. So after class, we ate lunch and then around 1:30 we decided to head out to the SPIDO, which is basically a bus floating in water, but it looks like a regular boat to me. But anyways, we took the tour on the Spido to learn more about the interesting features of the Port of Rotterdam.

I learned that the Port of Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe, from the years 1962 until 2004, it has been noted as the world’s busiest port. In 1985, it was home to the European Juice Terminal, which contained lots of fruit juice. One historic city that was older than Rotterdam itself was Oldest Distillery. The floating docks of the shipyard transported at least 15 million; trucks, trailers, and other vehicles. In 1934, the Quarantine Facility was opened. Since 1997, Rotterdam has been rated as the largest strip.


Today we rented bicycles, which everybody was into. After a day of class this is a great get a way and new activity for the both groups to do together. Even though it is super hot side outside it is really a pretty day and we much rather have sun shine than rain. Traveling to the lake we got to experience the rules and regulations of being on the bike roadway. It is exactly like following the rules of the road, when on a bike your basically in a car. You have your own light fixtures that guide you; red, green, and yellow, and pedestrians must watch out for you. Very different huh?. We arrived at the lake which was beautiful. It's honestly like a little beach for the surrounding neighborhoods and people of Rotterdam. I'm sure there are more but this one must have been very popular. They had a huge windmill that most of us got pictures of and a very nice outside cafe' that was lake front that we all got to enjoy. A good day I must say


Monday, June 27, 2011


An Interesting class assignment today required us to go to a Rotterdam market and pick one item and compare that item to one In the states. . I selected a pack of cigarettes, though I must say I don’t smoke. First thing I noticed was the cost. Cigarettes here start off at five dollars and up. Cigarettes in the state can cost eight dollars and up, depending on the state you live and the taxes. Advertising is the other noticeable difference. You’ll see adds in some publications in the U.S. and on billboards that show people smoking and looking “cool” because they’re holding a cigarette in their hand. At least that’s what the advertisers want you to think. Here in Rotterdam, no cigarette ads area allowed on billboards, magazines or newspapers. It’s only approved if it’s in a tobacco shop. There’s also a message on the label here in the Netherlands that’s not as scary or threatening as the warnings you find on U.S. packages. Labels in the U.S. have different messages: Can cause cancer, lung disease, death or hurt an unborn child. Now cigarette makers in the U.S. will also have to carry graphic pictures of the health effects of smoking. Variety and brand names also seem to be limited. You’ll find a greater selection in the state. In Rotterdam, sixteen years can legally smoke, but in the U.S. you have to be at least 18 or older and you have to show an I.D. Smokers here don’t seem to be treated like outcast like in the states. You’ll even find people smoking inside buildings and that’s absolutely prohibited in the states.

Price checking

Price checking

Today after we went on a great bike from the beach. We had a great assignment that our class was told to complete. This assignment was for my class to go to any store and compare and contrast any object that we use at home to any object in Rotterdam. The object that I decided to go and check was something as simple as a light bulb. The price other the light bulb here was 16 euros. Back home the price would have been a 4-7 dollars.Store we got it from was the AH grocery store.The object that I chose was a standardization object. I also picked up an ad for cell phones in deutsch. The ad that i got from the newspaper says a sale begins this season.

Today's Assignment

In today’s assignment, I had to pick a product that I use in the United States and find a similar product here in Rotterdam. After looking around for a while, I decided to choose a detergent called Omo Color that was located in the AH Grocery Store here in Rotterdam, the price of this product was 10,00 euros (1.5 L). Of course, I recognized this detergent by the logo if I never would have seen it than I would have never known it was an actual detergent. But compared to the detergent in the U.S., Gain Liquid Detergent, which can be found in Wal-Mart, costs $14.97 (150 fl oz). I noticed a difference in that Omo Color was in liters and not fluid ounces like the Gain Liquid Detergent. But which of these products cost more? Varying on the exchange rate, I would choose the Omo Color detergent due to the fact that in U.S. dollars it would cost as much as $20.00. Both AH and Wal-Mart are groceries stores but they both sell the same but different products. I would than consider this product to be a standardization just because this products stays the same but then again the price might vary in the future, just depends.

In the other assignment, I had to search for a local newspaper and find an advertisement of my choosing which was about Ray-Ban eyewear.

This ad basically informs consumers about contact lenses, sunglasses, eye check-ups, glasses with the shade, etc. It also give you the price of how cheap you can get them which is 90,00 euros and the number and website to contact them at for your service. It’s great for an advertisement.

Store Run

Today while we were in the grocery store looking for items to complete this assignment I found this medicine that is sort of like Pepto Bismol. I actually had to ask someone to explain it to me because I could not figure out what it was from just looking at the box. He told me that it was for stomach digestive problems. All Americans know a Pepto Bismol bottle from a mile away. It is pink and has the label around the bottle. This medicine came in a box and when I picked up the box I noticed that it was very light. In the United States a bottle of Pepto Bismol costs about 4 dollars. This medicine cost 10,96 euros. I’m not really surprised by the difference in prices because a lot of things here are overpriced in comparison with the prices in America. I found this in AH grocery store. This isn’t exactly the same product but I would say that the product is standardized.

 In the newspaper part of the assignment I found this advertisement for a 2 month training program. The ad basically asks if you made a choice in what you wanted to do early in life and if you would like to do something else. If so, of if you just wanted more information it gave the website for you to visit at the bottom left corner. When I first saw it, it reminded me of an old Cingular cellphone ad. It is actually like and Everest college type of thing.


Hot hot hot

It is our third day in Rotterdam and students are getting used to the city. We had a camera race yesterday, but, surprisingly, it took the winning team over 3 hours to finish all 10 spots. Compared to 2010, the winning team made it back in 90 minutes. I think it has quite a bit to do with getting used to the city style: walking, walking, walking. It seems that the students only now realize that you can walk 3, 4, 5 or more miles a day and... you get tired.

This morning we had hot lunch at the hostel and class in the Rotterdam library. We were talking about Global Marketing and this whole trip is all about just that. So, tonight, students have to find a product in here at the local store and explain how it is different (or similar) to the same one in the US using the 4 P's. I am looking forward to their blogs, so they should start popping up shortly.

As a sidenote - it is extremely hot today and we have easily topped 80F, if not 90F.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 27,2011

Today is our second day in Rotterdam. So far I love this city. Today was the camera race; we had to locate about ten spots. At the end of our race we came across a protest type of situation. People were protesting against the conservatives because they want to take away liberal arts. We have this same problem in the United States. I feel as though art is a very essential part of life itself; not just the United States but the world as a whole. This city is full of architectural creations. The hostel we are living in was the first on the list. Our hostel is made in reflection of trees. I love it I think it’s beautiful.  I loved walking across the river front. Then when we crossed the bridge I was in my own little piece of heaven. Since the beginning of this trip I have been exercising. Whether it was from running to security to another location or getting lost I have really put my legs to use over here. I noticed that both Brussels and Rotterdam are culturally more fit than America. I can say that I have seen at the most two people who were overweight. I think it’s because their normal type of travel is either walking or by a bicycle. The people here are nicer, I still get people who don’t know how to glance but for the most part I feel as though I look accepted. People still don’t give you your personal space, I guess they be a European thing. I can see myself coming back to Rotterdam, I really like the vibe of the city and its people.

Day 2: Rotterdam

Its Sunday and I've had a good day so far. . . of course, I started off with some breakfast which was actually lot better than it was in Brussels but I can't complain because it’s been quite an experience trying all types of different foods. . .while we were eating breakfast Dr. V had just came from running and told us to be ready for the Camera Race at 11:00 a.m. but then we convinced him to switch the time to 1:00 p.m. which gave us all enough time to lay back down for a quick nap. . . so after my nap, I got up around 12:30 to start getting ready for the Camera Race which was some adventure but at least we got to explore the city before we got the week started off just right. . . I took a lot of pictures of most of the buildings but my camera ended up going dead so I missed out on a couple of them but there were some terrific views. . . And I just love how they all speak English quite well because when we were in Brussels they didn't too much of that but could understand us somewhat. . .
I already like it here and I've only stayed here one night only and that's crazy but I feel that would be common for an American to come to another country where you've never been before. . . I got some used to walking the streets of Brussels and now I got to start all the way over with Rotterdam but that's fine like I said I am not complaining because a lot of people don't get opportunities like this unless they really reach for them you know but I would advise any other person to go for it. . Personally, I feel like it’s a once in a lifetime thing; you live each day as if you were dying tomorrow and that's life for you just as long as you living it right . . . oh by the way, the hostel is very nice and I thought the other one in Brussels was also; it's just that I got to get used to the bunk beds thing all over again. .brings back childhood memories ha. . As of right now, I'm not doing anything sitting downstairs in the Hostel fixing to start on some homework in a few. . . hope to have a great night also, after I finish up some of my homework and what not; cannot be a procrastinator throughout this trip. . . I know I'm here to enjoy myself but also, to gain more knowledge and learn something new on a daily basis without hesitation. . In a blessed mood, enough said, waiting patiently for tomorrow WHEN CLASS BEGINS. . . 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Welcome to Rotterdam

It hasn't been a week in Europe and we are already changing countries. This week is Holland's turn and we are here already. Overall, the trip went smoothly, no one and nothing was lost or hurt. Except that we have one very special student with the heaviest bag without wheels. The sound of it getting dragged is unforgettable and unmistakable but you have to be there to believe it. A new suitcase is due...

The morale is high, the students are doing their work (at least in my class). It is 'professor' time now and Biff and I are grading student's assignments here in Cafe Dudok.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 24

Today was another good day. The first thing that we did today was went to the Brewery it all smelled wonderful.We were able to see how the made the beer made it was very interesting. The tour guide told us they were a family owned business and were a fourth generation brewers. They had many types of beers it was so tasty! On the way back we got on the metro train and got lost until the conductor yelled at us in French. After that we came back and ate some good mexican at this place called chi-chi. The food was not good at all it was really overpriced. After we ate we walked around and got some belgian waffles with lots of toppings. We were sooo stuffed from all the food, we all went to sleep early. We all got hungry again and we went to buy some kabobs and met some hispanics from California they were interesting to say the least. Now I am going to bed until next time!!!


My first impression of Brussels was that it was a sort of sleepy type of city. Since I've been here I've come to find that it is quite the opposite. I came here with an open mind and ready to experience a culture different from my own and that is exactly what I have done. You never know how diverese the people of the world are until you emerge yourself in their lives. Even the simplest routine in life is different. For example at this moment I have had to correct my spelling a numerous amount of times because the keys of the keyboard are placed differently. In Brussels most of the people walk to get from location to location. I have never done so much walking in my life, but I got used to it. We have visited many resturants and boutiques and shopping stores. We also visited the Parliment in Brussels. It was very interesting to be informed in the ways their government is run. In the Parlimont buliding there is a beautiful structure in the middle of the buliding; it symbolizes that problems in one country effective others. I personally loved it. I am looking forward to the rest of our stay in Brussels and super excited about the rest of the trip.

Falling into Brussels


Today is Thursday and there's a lot more to look forward to throughout the city of Brussels, Belgium. Setting some time aside for class work and homework now, yesterday was full of its own adventures. While going to visit a few boutiques down the streets of Rue Antoine Dansaerttraat, I found that some of the people here can make you want to........forget your in another country! And I also discovered for sure that maps are not my forte'. So far Brussels has proved to be a very unique city. There are lots of beautiful antique buildings and status to see around the city, and the people here come from a variety of different cultural backgrounds. On Tuesday we went on a tour of the European Parliament and it was really nice, and probably would have been a little better if we hadn't gotten brushed to the side by another group. But overall informative and interesting to see how differences within their decision processes differs from ours back in the U.S. The walks can sometimes get crazy long, but everyday has its new experiences. Well, until next time! Bonjur.


June 21, 2011

Day 2

Today started off just ok. When I woke up, I went to the front office to see if anyone had talked to the airport about my missing luggage. The man behind the desk was sympathetic, “No. I’m sorry.” So I began to worry even more because I didn’t know if this was going to be day two of no clothes. My roommates have been so nice to offer me jeans, t-shirts and whatever else I needed. Now it’s time for breakfast, which by the way was toast and cheese. Yea, I know what you’re thinking--all you had was toast and cheese? The answer would be yes. While every one finished up with their nourishing meals... ha. I went back to bed until it was time for class. Before class started, I went right back to the front desk to check in again and to my surprise I found out the airport located my bags! When I got the news, it was if someone told me I won lottery. Minutes later I went to my first class with new found enthusiasm, like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders. The class wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be. I learned a lot more about marketing concepts and why businesses really strong marketing strategies to be successful. After class, we went over to the Parliament to hear a presentation by one of their spokesmen, Rok Zozelj who discussed the purpose and responsibility of the Parliament. I learned a lot from Mr. Zojelj, so I’d say it was a good experience outside the classroom. The only bad thing was we had to walk about an hour to get there and needless to say I was a little sleepy and tired. Ok, I might have crossed by eyes a few times and after two hours of sitting there, I realized I needed to move around, but our visit was over.

Dr. V. had more plans for us and taking a nap wasn’t part of the plan. ON his rather extensive list of things to do, a picture hunt! It was so hard, but fun at the same time, and seeing that people here don’t speak English that well and I don’t speak French, I’d say we were really challenged.

In the process of “hunting” for the pictures, I got really hungry. To my surprise we found a really good shake shop with a line of people waiting out the door and down the street. We ate, talked some more and began our trek back to our home away from home, which was only about 20 minutes away, Yeh, we got turned around a little following Dr. V. and we got kind of lost. I must say, overall it was a great day and no time to rest. I’m on my way out the door again, then I’m come back home and then to bed I go... hopefully. (LOL)

Wednesday in Belgium

I think that the students are finally 'getting' what it means to be in Europe. Everyone already has at least one story to tell and dozens of photos to show.

So far we have accomplished quite a few things:
  • Our classroom is set up and we are using it the best that we can. NOTE: Biff will teach on the balcony today. Lets see.
  • Everyone was able to connect with their families back home. Skype is the life saver.
  • Everyone is up and ready on time (8:00) for breakfast. NOTE: Those breakfast apples are really big!
  • Fascination with Belgian chocolate is as high as I have expected. Not so much with sparkling iced tea.
  • The visit to the European Parliament went very well but I still don't know who crashed the presentation: us or the Icelandic group?
  • Only one team has accomplished the camera race (and they have won a USB thumb drive)!
 Late last night we went to the GROTE MARKT and it was packed with people. A lot of youngesters were sitting on the ground (cobble stones) and drinking alcoholic beverages with police was roaming all around without paying any attention. Would never happen in the US, methinks.

Hotel de Ville (Town Hall)
at night, standing tall (215 ft)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Today was a pretty good day. We went to class and I was really tired after class we hung out and played many games. After we played many of the games we all went out to eat Meditterean food. It was pretty good overrall everyone liked the food at the restaurant. Most of the food everyone liked and especially we all tried the food that we ate and enjoyed it. After that we walked around and we to go see the markets and the people who were there to eat food. Tomorrow we will go and have class and go on more tours around Europe until next time.....

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Start of the trip

It seems that storms have completely closed us off to leave Nashville on time. The whole group couldn't be rebooked because of a cancelled flight to Chicago, so everyone had to stay in the Music City USA for one night. I am stuck in Atlanta's Comfort Inn since I didn't make the connection to Brussels by about 5 hours. I am surprised by how customer unfriendly this Inn actually is. The minute we arrived (11PM local time), one receptionist at the front desk decided to take off leaving 15 people to be helped by one person only. Of course, with Murphy's guidance, slew of guests came over with their own problems cutting in front of the line. That slowed check-in process to a crawl.

Service evaluatitons:
  • Room cleanliness - average
  • Bathroom cleanliness - good
  • TV reception - as poor as it gets
  • Sound of AC - M1 Abrams comparable
  • Sound insulation - poor
  • Breakfast - very unhealthy selection
Overall evaluation: would not stay again.

 I think that all who decided to stay back in Nashville had easier day but I have one less leg to fly today.