Monday, June 20, 2016

June 19-20, 2016
Desperately In Need of Sleep

Day one of Grande European Capitals 1 and my very first day in Europe.  At the beginning of this journey I was beyond excited, and believe me I still am, but now as I type, the jet lag and sleep deprivation is real. I have never been more exhausted in my whole life, and all I did was sit on a plane for hours and walk around for few more hours.  So my first morning in Europe arriving in Dublin I was extremely irritable and cranky; however, that did not discourage the fascination I had with this city and its inhabitants. While my love for the Irish accents and its lush green land already had me hooked, the walking tour I took earlier this afternoon gave me more insight.  I found out about its rich history and how the country constantly overcame being conquered. Also, the story of the Queen of England first stepping onto Irish land ever and her refusal of drinking a Guinness beer.  And finally I saw the library for Star Wars and Harry Potter and learned an Irish song. Overall,  traveling is exhausting and I 'd rather never do it again but, the benefit from going through all that insanity was worth it. I'm excited to be here and curious about what other opportunities the city has to offer for me this week.