Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Berlin day 1

Today was our first full day in Berlin! We woke up had breakfast then our city orientation. The breakfast was very similar to in Amsterdam but they did offer extra things you could by like eggs, pancakes, bacon, etc. I didn't try them today but I plan to maybe tomorrow. At orientation we received our transit pass, museum pass, and breakfast valchures. After that the marketing class met with Dr. V then the tour guide picked us up for our waking tour. We walked for about 15 minutes then met at the Brandenburg Gate for or tour to start. I really enjoyed he walking tour here the most it's almost like they progressively got better. Some of the highlights of the tour were walking through the Holocaust Memorial, seeing pieces of the Berlin Wall and standing in both east and West Berlin at the same time, standing on top of the ground where Hitler's bunker use to be and where his body was burned. Our tour guide Susan was very enthusiastic and you could tell she was passionate! 

Once our walking tour was over we grabbed a German curry sausage from a place not too far from where our tour ended it was pretty good I liked it! After this we headed back to the hostel for a minute to rest our feet. Then, Jasmane, Kempson, and I went exploring. We first walked around this market area not too far from the hostel. This was nice I did get my first interview in Berlin here. Next, we got on the train for the first time by ourselves! We kind of just took it and got off in a few stops. We did end up more in a residential area but a man helped us out and told us where we may want to go the other way. We ended up getting off 2 stops past the hostel by a festival market kind of area called Alexanderplatz. There were lots of shops, music, food, everything you could think of! It was great we saw a man drawing a big art piece with chalk, lots of stands selling different items, and lots of people of course! We then went to a gym where Kempson had his first interview. This was a different gym from in the states them at I've seen because they had a DJ in there! It was awesome! After this we walked some more saw more shopping and decided to grab dinner from a burger place called Peter Pan. I really liked it as well it was pretty good and the atmosphere was great. We then headed back to meet up with Ashley, Dr. V and the stats class to go to the TV tower. This was pretty cool too! We road up an elevated about 200 meters then got off and could see all of Berlin it was getting dark too so it was a even better view. We stayed here for a little time then decided to head back to the hostel to get ready for tomorrow! Overall today always a pretty good first day!