Monday, August 1, 2016


This is it! Today is our last full day in Europe as well as the last day we will be spending in Berlin. I think that everyone is about ready to go home. We're all a bit drained, both mentally, emotionally, and financially. For myself, I know that I've had an amazing time and if I had the opportunity to do it again, I for sure would, but right now, I am craving home, my best friend, my family. I'm missing America. However, we had a full day today, so there was no time to waste!
We got up and met with Dr. V at 10:30 AM, just to talk over the syllabus and make sure we all understand the components of our project. Then, we met with our guest speaker, Dr. Vacca. Dr. Vacca is an Italian Lawyer and she came to speak with us about European Common Law and how it relates to the American Law System. Being a student studying Biology and not really having any knowledge about studying Business, it was very eye-opening for me and sparked great interest with me. There are a lot of components that captivated me, as I am curious about how systems work and how people are affected by those systems. It was a wonderful time meeting with Dr. Vacca.
Right after our meeting, Dr. V so graciously treated us for lunch and an Indian restaurant. Now, I have never tried Indian food, and every place that Dr. V had led us to have been wonderful, so even though I was slightly worried that I wouldn't like it, I was still excited that I was having the opportunity to experience something different. It turns out, I LOVE Indian food!!! The flavors go together so well, as everything was delicious, from the soup to the bread to my chicken, it was all very good!! Another point for Dr. V!

Once we were done eating, we were off to have our final group excursion with everyone, the Bundestag, the German Parliament Building. I was excited because this was our last excursion but I was also sad because this was it. This was one of the last moments I would have with GEC II. As we traveled to the Bundestag, everyone was talking about Berlin and their time in Europe, how we would all miss each other and the plans that we had to keep in contact. This experience really does give you some experiences that no one else will have!
As we approached the Bundestag, we went through security and were split into groups. Once our tour started, we began to walk through the building and I could tell our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable about her stuff! It turns out, she had a Ph. D on the Bundestag and wrote her thesis on this building! No wonder!! The tour overall was very enjoyable! After both groups were done, we headed up the dome to take our final group picture!! So long Berlin!! You've been good to us!!!