Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Berlin Day 3

Today I woke up around the same time as usual and headed to breakfast around 9:30. Then hit the streets with Jasmane to do research. First we stopped at a few banks close to the hostel for her research then we happened to run into Kempson and decided to start our city research. I did stop by a store close but the lady didn't speak any English so I was unable to get an interview. However, I figured I'd come across another store at some point in the day so we continued to do our city research. We had already done one area so far that we go through everyday to catch the metro. First we found a grocery store In our neighborhood to find prices of milk, eggs, and a steak. We next went towards checkpoint Charlie to do this area because we had went over here on our walking tour so it was familiar. While we were in this part of town it started raining but that didn't stop us because it was just light rain. We found a grocery store over here and a souvenir shop that wasn't too expensive so we decided to grab souvenirs here. We then headed back to a residential area we ended up in the other day then headed back to Alexanderplatz to grab food and do a little shopping. I couldn't really find stores to research in this area because they're too commercial. It has been hard here finding local smaller stores because everything has been big chain retail stores which are great for shopping but bad for research. But I grabbed my first bratwurst from Germany here and it was really good! I liked it and it was only 3 euros. We then went into a store called Primark that Jasmane and I found really good sales! The store was so crowded and unbelievable how many people were shopping in there at once! But it was worth it for sure. We then went inside a department store across the street where I bought some dress socks for my dad and now I'm finally done buying gifts for everyone back home! Next we went into tk maxx (not tj maxx) it was just like at home I found some cool sunglasses in there and we waited around to avoid the rain. It started poring down right when we walked in there. It took a while for the rain to stop. It didn't stop for a little over an hour and we were back at the hostel by this time. Jasmane and I started to pack our bags because we had a little time left before the river cruise. We met downstairs around 6:30 with the whole group to head to the cruise. The temperature had dropped a lot! It was really chilly, I was glad I brought my rain jacket. The river cruise in Berlin wasn't as nice to me as the other cities because Berlin is very modern in architecture overall. so it wasn't as pretty as Paris and Amsterdam but it was still relaxing. 

After the river cruise a group of us went to grab dinner. We really wanted Mexican food but the place we first found was permanently closed and the other one wasn't Mexican it was Indian so we ended up eating Italian at the same place we went to the first night. I got something different though and it was still good. We ate and talked enjoying the night then decided to head back to the hostel because we all had lots of homework to work on. Overall today was a good day I didn't get anymore interviews but we have a free day tomorrow so hopefully I'll get some more!