Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Travel day back home!!!

Today I woke up around the same time 9am and did some last minute packing then headed down to go to breakfast. A lot of us were down there and we took another group picture which was great! We went back to grab our bags and head downstairs to leave the hostel. We had to get on the metro, walk down cobblestone, and up stairs with all of our bags one final time. I was so happy that it was the last time but of course dreaded every second! We took the train about ten minutes then hopped on a bus that brought us all he way to the airport. Once we arrived at the airport we got our boarding passes then had to wait in line to check our bags. The line was pretty long but once we got through it everything was easy from here. Ashley, Dr. Shanklin, and I went to the tax free area to get money back for the things we've bought. I wish I had known about this from the begging of the trip because I would've gotten a lot of money back! But getting money back for what I bought in Berlin was still better than nothing! My advice for anyone else going abroad is to remember to ask every store if they do tax free because you never know who does. We waited at the airport for about 2 hours once we got through security. The flight from Berlin to Amsterdam was fine. We arrive in Amsterdam to find out our flight was delayed 3 hours. Now we weren't suppose to leave till 7:30. We waited and waited then it was finally time to leave and head to Atlanta. The flight overall wasn't bad and didn't feel as long as our flight to Paris. I was glad they had movies again of course because they make the time go by a lot faster and its a good way to catch up on movies I haven't seen! 

Finally we land and go through customs and of course we missed our flight to Nashville. We thought that delta was going to give us a hotel room but that didn't happen instead they changed our flights and gave us a food voucher. My flight was scheduled to leave at 8 In the morning some others aren't leaving till noon! This has by far been an experience and I'll be happy once I'm in Memphis in my bed!