Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Last Day in Berlin!

Today is our last full day in Berlin! I woke up around 9 this morning to start my day because we had a pretty busy day ahead. After I got dressed I headed to the post office to mail a box full of things because I couldn't bring them all home in my luggage. The post office is inside the train station so t wasn't too far. Once I got to the post office I discovered that I couldn't pay card I had to pay in euros. At first I thought okay this isn't bad I'll just go to the bank next door. So I get to the bank with my credit card and try to take out money and my pin doesn't work. I was immediately really just frustrated and mad because I walked all the way there for nothing. Now I had to walk back to get my other card and our class was meeting with Dr. V to talk about finalizing our research. So I met with the class and decided to wait and go back after our guest speaker. Our guest speaker was a professor from Italy and she talked about the European Union and what it is, it's function, and issues that it is facing currently. I actually learned a lot from her presentation because prior I really knew nothing about it because we don't talk about that much at home because it's not our government. After her presentation Dr. V took us all to lunch at an Indian restaurant close to the hostel. It was my first time trying Indian food!

 I had mixed feelings about it at first but it wasn't bad it was good. I don't think I'd choose to eat it again though, just because I don't really like that kind of taste in food but it was still not bad. I'm glad I tried it. After lunch I ran over to the post office and finally shipped my box! I was so relieved to get that done. I then ran back to the hostel because we were leaving to go to the German parliament in 10 minutes. I did make it back on time! This was our last full group excursion on the trip. We got a full tour from a lady who wrote her thesis for her Ph. D about the building so, she knew everything there was to know! I enjoyed going into the globe of the building because it was a great last view of Berlin! We took a full group picture before we left. 

Jasmane, Meghan, and I headed back to Primark one final time. I know, we've been there a lot but, it's so addicting all the great sales! While we were over there I had to try a fresh squeezed orange juice before I left and it was amazing! I loved it! We then headed back to the hostel to finish packing and get our bags weighed. I am feeling still sick and I got a rash on my face I think it may be an allergic reaction from the Indian food so I'm not going to do anything tonight besides rest and catch up on homework. Overall I am ready to get home! Being in Europe has been a great experience. I've learned about myself a lot, a lot about other cultures, and met some really great people!