Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Berlin Day 2

Today was a pretty long day. I woke up around 8 because we had to be downstairs to meet to head to the concentration camp sachsenhausen at 9. The marketing, sociology, and stats classes all went. We had a tour guide, Iuana, who picked us up front the hostel and showed us around once we got there. We had to catch 2 trains to get there because it was about 30 miles outside of the city. It was located in oranienburg a smaller residential area. Once we arrived there we took about a 15 minute walk to get to the camp. First we stopped at a building that was the head office of all of the concentration camps during the time of nazi Germany and our tour guide explained a lot to us and showed us around here. Then we walked to the actual concentration camp for our tour. Once we arrived on the actual grounds of the camp it was unreal and an unexplainable feeling To actually be where innocent people were imprisoned and died during the war and the holocaust. Our tour guide first walked us through the entrance and into a garden area where memorials now existed for the different groups of people that were in this camp. Then we walked the different cites on the grounds it was a pretty big place. We saw the infirmary, where the nazis assassinated many people in the camp, the barracks, and many other cites as well. Overall I'm glad I got to see it because it is a very humbling experience to see and hear different stories of what happened to people there and learn about this history. I wouldn't choose to go back but I am grateful for the opportunity to go and experience it. I'm also glad we had a great tour guide because she did a great job explaining everything and knowing factual information.

 Once we headed back from there it was going on 3 in the afternoon we had been there a long time but I don't think it could've been any shorter because there was a lot to take in. When we finally got back into the city some of us went to grab food because we were starving! We went to the central station because there were lots of options for everyone to choose from. I got fish and chips I was a little disappointed with the food it was probably my least favorite thing I've eaten since being in Europe. But it's okay It wasn't too pricy. After that Ashley and I came back to take a nap while the others stayed out. Later that night some of us went down to the bar had food and drinks and enjoyed talking. Today was overall an interesting day! Can't wait to see what tomorrow Holds.