Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Travel Day to Berlin!

Today we woke up to head to Berlin we had to be in the lobby at 6:45. The whole group was able to grab breakfast for the last time in the hostel before we left to catch the tram. At this point I had to use my extra duffel bag because I have picked up so many things along the way! So I was struggling a bit. Walking down the street to the tram was so horrible having two heavy bags but, I don't regret buying anything I have bought so far. To me I feel like your suppose to bring back things to remember your trip and the shopping here was way better than the u.s. So I couldn't pass it up either. I just know that I'll be struggling until we get to the airport to head home. We first took a metro like Inner City train to Germany. Then once we got to Germany we had to get in another train to take us the rest of the 4 hours to Berlin. Getting on one train to the next has just been an experience I'll say because I've never had to hop on and off like this before. I'm also getting sick again so you can imagine how much worse it is for me because i feel terrible and just want to sleep. I planned to start my paper on this ride but so far I've only slept so we'll see I may have to wait and start it tonight once we settle in. Once we finally got off the train we had to walk a little to catch a metro then we had to walk again about 10 minutes to the hostel. The hostel here is really nice!

 It has a terrace, a bar, game room, and a cool outside area. I like it! The rooms are nice to the only thing I don't like is that the actual toilet is outside of the room and you have to use tryout key to go to it. Also we have 5 people in our room which isn't bad because the room is more spacious. Once we unpacked Jasmane, Ashley, Meghan, and I went to grab Italian from a place really close to the hostel it was really I enjoyed it. However, we noticed that some people don't speak English here but hopefully more people do once we get out into the city more! Travel day was a success lets see how our first full day goes.