Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Berlin Day 4

Today we woke up and went to meet Dr. V for breakfast to talk about our progress as far as research goes in Berlin. We talked for a minute and met our guest speaker as well. Dr l. V told us of some other cool places to see on our free day and then we went out and about to start our day. We took the train first back to Alexanderplatz to go back to primark and shop a little more. We were there probably for a few hours. I did buy a few more items and returned something that didn't fit. Once we left there we got back on the train and went to see east side gallery and suicide circus. It was a few stops down and we were there in no time. We got off the train and we immediately could see all of the graffiti it was great! I love graffiti art so much because it's bright and everything looks different. We first went to east side gallery. East side gallery is a part of the Berlin Wall that still stands in the original spot but is completely covered in graffiti. It was so cool seeing this! I got a lot of cool pictures as well. We then went to grab some lunch from a Korean barbecue place not too far. I got a Korean chicken dish with rice and vegetables. I didn't like what I got much because it was just way too many vegetables and not enough chicken for me. Next, we went to see suicide circus which was at the same stop we just had to walk the other way down the street. When we got over there it was very grungy, run down a little, and graffiti everywhere. It was interesting! I liked seeing the though we took more pictures down here, looked at the skateparks, and rock climbing. It wasn't very many people down there like I thought it would be. It finally started to sprinkle so we decided to head back toward the hostel. We got to the train station to find out that there is something wrong with the train and it had been sitting there for awhile not moving. So we had to take another one that took a little longer to get back but it wasn't too bad. Once we got to our stop I decided to go to the post office to buy a box because I'm going to end up having to ship some things home. However, the price isn't too bad it's cheaper than checking another bag. To ship 20 lbs it's 50 euros where as another checked bag is 75 euros. We came back to the hostel and relaxed for a by it and packed some more then Jasmane and I went to grab dinner. We went to a Mexican restaurant not too far from the hostel. The food was different from our Mexican at home. For instance they didn't have queso and the only meat they had was chicken and lamb. The food tasted okay overall though. While we were over in this area I did research as well. I got 2 more interviews so now I have 3 total which is great. W sheared back to the hostel and I packed my box that I'd be shopping and decided to work more on my research paper. I think tonight is homework night for everyone because it's almost our last day!