Friday, August 3, 2012

June 19 Amsterdam

Today is day four in Amsterdam and I was back on my retail hunt. I made my way back down to the local mall to conduct my pre-schedule interview and snag a few more.  I was able to find my way to few interesting stores to include a cool Vintage store and a store than shared a name with and American cigarette company (Malboro Classics).  I was up to three conquered interviews.  I made my way back through the city to take in some sights. I even stopped for some Vietnamese food. Amsterdam was full of culture. After this I made my way back to the hostel for another  guest speaker.  The guest speaker was a interesting and inspiring media activist by the name of Zoe D’maro.  She was from Italy and moved to Amsterdam for media freedom.  She shared a video of some of the steps she had taken to end media take over in her country.  She also took her skills to Johannesburg in order to help the youth and criminal population. The night ended peacefully in my top bunk rack to prepare for the early trip to Rotterdam in the morning.