Friday, August 3, 2012

June 9 Paris

Today was the last Day in Paris. I made my way back into the city to try and catch a last minute glimpse of everything I could with a few friends. We decided to got to Notre Dame first. Getting off the metro and coming to the street level and seeing the church across the river was a mesmerizing experience and it was only the beginning. We got in a line that stretched back far enough that it almost reached the street. Surprisingly the lined moved relatively fast and we were inside the church in no time.  The inside was just as capturing as the outside. The stained glass windows decoratively lined the walls of the church.  The stone walls were so intricately carved and I stretched so high I almost broke my neck trying to see the top.  There was beautiful art work at every turn.  Next we made our way to Le Louvre.  Tough I had been here a few times before the architecture of the building was still so capturing to me. We stopped at the food court inside which was quite different than any American food court I had ever seen. They actually had real food options not fast food, aside from the awkwardly located Mcdonalds around the corner.   I paid almost 20 Euros for a food court meal; however, it was justified. After Le Louvre we walked down the Paris Streets and bought a few souvenirs.  From here we made our way further down town by the Opra House.  Looking at most of the structures of Paris, I was in disbelief that that they were constructed by human hands. I was like nothing I had ever seen in the states. From we here we made our last minute runs of retail therapy in Paris. From here we went to Le Crepage for another taste of their delicious cuisine. The night ended with long needed sleep for an early wake up and new adventure. Aui Voir Paris. Bounjour Brussels.