Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wednesday June 20th: Missed Opportunities, Kuoni, and Club Med,

This morning I accidentally overslept and missed the group departure to Rotterdam. I've been in several other major port and shipping cities before but I was really disappointed that I missed out on Rotterdam. I didn't want to let one missed opportunity cause a chain reaction so I set out to land some very critical interviews.
I've gone round and round with Club Med and haven't been able to speak with the marketing manager until today. We finally spoke and she said that she could make some time for me this afternoon. In the meantime I have a scheduled interview on the outskirts of Amsterdam to meet Erik Split, the Senior Marketing Manager for Kuoni Travel. I'm very excited to conduct this interview because Kuoni is one of the largest travel companies in the world. Kuoni conducts psychological studies to determine what people really want at the most basic level and they try to build their marketing strategy up from there. The branding style they engage in is very pure and focuses on storytelling in order to draw a client into the destination. I thought it was interesting to learn how they piece all of this together and got a glimpse at the client database that manages all of this marketing mayhem.
After completing a successful interview with Kuoni I headed back to Amsterdam in order to get cleaned up in time for my interview with Club Med. My contact at Club Med was Joanne Gallagher, an Australian who studied in London and is the Marketing and Online Sales Manager for CLub Med in Amsterdam. She is truly an international experienced manager. She was young and had a very fresh approach to her job and the marketing techniques employed by Club Med. Although I knew the Club Med name I didn't know much about the company until I researched them for my interview. They are the original all-inclusive vacation company and they own their own resorts. Club Med tends to be in very exotic locations and packages are 4 and 5 star rated. Although out of my price range, they seem amazing.