Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Day 1: London already!!!

Day 1:

Where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday we were boarding the plane and now were on our 2nd leg. Nevertheless, I'm still loving Europe and enjoying my time here. Today we had a walking tour in London, and we got a crash course 101 in European history. We visited Buckingham Palace (where the Queen resides) as well as visited Big Ben. Unfortunately, The Queen was not at home. She forgot that we had an appointment today, ill have my people contact her people and reschedule. However, her house was still gorgeous.
I found the tour to be great and insightful. London is rich in culture and tradition. It was great to see the differences and the similarities between America and Europe.

Fun Fact- Big Ben is'nt really called Big Ben.

Grateful: I'm grateful to Nike. My feet hurt everyday and i'm thankful that my shoes don't look how my feet feel. My shoes don't look like what I have been putting them through day after day. My shoes- they truly support me in all my endeavors, they have proven their loyalty to me time and time again. The both of them (left and right) have truly been loyal to me on my rise to success. Some people take them for granted, but i'm thankful for them, without them I would be really in a terrible predicament.