Sunday, June 18, 2017

Day 5: London

Day 5:

Today we went to visit the Tower of London. We had a tour guide explaining the history surrounding the Tower and the why it was influential on English society during the day.

The tour guides were dressed up from that time period, and they didn't really like to take pictures but we made them. I enjoyed myself.

Humblest Regards: During our final walk in trying to finish our interviews we saw the apartment building that burned down two days prior. There were missing ads everywhere of people asking for help in finding their loved ones. One that touched me deeply was a little girl that was missing. The ad asked that if you found her please call her family. The little girl could have been no older than 4. She was just one of many that were missing. I Pray that they find her and all the others that went missing that day, I pray they find them alive and well. Along our walk I also saw the community working together to remember the lives that were lost. My thoughts and prayers is going to continuously be with all the loved ones and the community of London.

Gratitude: All the nice people that I have met since being in London.