Thursday, June 29, 2017

Day 5-Fin d'un grand voyage

Day 5: End of a great Journey.

Wait! It's over already?

We leave Tomorrow morning. Bright and early at 5:45. So today we're headed to Disney!!

My time spent in Paris would not have been complete without the man himself! That's right Mr. Mickey Mouse.

Today I enjoyed being 5 years old all over again. I even watched the Disney Parade.

The picture above can pretty much sum up my entire trip.

Takeaways from my experiences abroad:

Laugh at yourself
Submerge yourself into the culture
Make memories that will last you a lifetime
Concern yourself with where you are
Talk to people- like everybody you meet. There is beauty in strangers surprisingly.
Make at least 5 new friends.
Prepare your mind
Take loads of Pictures
Worry less-life is way to serious
Gain Wisdom
Ask a person anything you want- The worst that can happen is they tell you No.

I'll forever be grateful for this Trip!