Thursday, June 29, 2017

Day 4- Eiffel Tower

Day 4

Today was the day that we finally got our tour of the Eiffel Tower!

first we started the day off by going on a tour of the OECD.

Fun Fact: The OECD provides a common ground for member countries to come and discuss policies and deliberate about worldly affairs. It was nice that they allowed us the opportunity to visit.

The second half of the day was the River Cruise and the Eiffel Tower! 

The river cruise was nice we saw the second statue of liberty.

History Lesson: The Statue of Liberty was a gift to America from France. France had the Eiffel tower that symbolized peace and justice so they wanted us to have the same for our country. Which led to them giving us lady Liberty.

The Eiffel tower was amazing. I walked  all the way up the two levels of greatness. It was 669 steps to be exact. I wanted to quit after the first level, but i'm glad I didn't. It was all worth it.