Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Day Two! #MariamaTakesOnDublin

Day Two:

Day Two began with a hearty breakfast after getting up from a well rested night. Right after breakfast we hit the city and our first stop was an area called phoenix park. We visited the Guinness Factory and did research comparing prices of everyday items such as milk and bread.

We then headed over to Moo Market which was a locally owned card and gift shop. I did an extensive interview with the woman behind this cute little gift shop and she was Amazing! She delivered nothing but the truth about entrepreneurship and how she has been so successful.

After that we headed to one of the most popular places in Dublin; Temple Bar! The area is full of Pubs, Shops and good places to eat. We decided upon Elephant & Castle and this roasted garlic burger was good & spicy just how I like it!

Tomorrow is a free day for me besides my research, what should I do?