Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Day 5: Dublin

Day 5:

Today we went to Howth Cliff. Keyword in that sentence was Cliff. I have never been scared of heights but today was a different story. The Cliff walk and Island was beyond beautiful. On my way to the top of the walk I passed a couple coming down that told me that the struggle to the top would be worth it, and boy were they right. The view from this Cliff was amazing. The scariest part of the journey was the narrow paths, and the thought that "in one wrong move my life could all be over." After you get pass the initial fear the beauty of the water mountains and rocks just captures you. I was so happy that i got to experience this place and all it's beauty. There was even a place at the end where you could go swim, stick your feet in or collect rocks. Again nothing short of amazing.

Gratitude: I'm grateful for the ability to dream and  push myself beyond what I feel or think. I'm also thankful for people along the way to push me, which allows me to expand my horizons in a direction that will one day inspire others.


Still loving Europe!!