Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Dublin, Day-2

Day Two was a lot better than Day One. Day Two was our official first Day in the City. We started out the day by going to a brief orientation with by Dr.V. He explained the programs direction and the rules and regulations. He also explained how best to manage our time here in Dublin, then he set us on our way.

Mariama and I decided that it was best if we formulated a plan on how to best tackle the assignment and the day. Once we had a plan we embarked on the city.

We walked a total of 7.8 miles today....Boy were we tired! But I still managed to snagged a really dope pic.

Take Aways- We landed one interview, one No, and another "come back later."
                       I will be very slim by the time I return home.
                       Some people are willing to help, more are than not.
                       The Westin Hotel lets the public use their restroom-I'm thankful.

Graditude-The woman that we interviewed had an awesome personality. She was very transparent and a person that I could definitely relate to. I'm glad we came across her boutique.

Next Steps- Go to Irishtown. Gather the info needed for the report, Snag some other epic interviews and possibly do some shopping in the city. I want a "Dublin" Sweat-shirt.