Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Day 2- Paris

Day Two:

We began the day going to a less touristy side of Paris. Dr. V introduced Mariama and I to falafel's.

side note: The best place to get falafels in Paris is Le Marais area. Falafels are amazing!! I will go back to Paris just for the falafel's, but not during the summer.

Anywho, we ate our falafels at a nice park (Place des Vosges) to be exact. However, the birds were not too happy that we came and didn't bring them anything. They would not leave us alone.

After our delicious treats, Mariama and I finished up the day doing some research in the field. But not before I snagged me an awesome Pandora charm.

The place that were were had alot of shops and that's were we conducted all of our interviews.

It was a job well done. Go team!