Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Day 4 in Dublin!!!!

Day 4:

Impact of the day:

Today we was a very expectant day for the tag-team duo in Ireland. Today is the day that we saw our follow through and hard work of being persistent pay off. We got a tour of Google. The headquarters of the UK. We had an exclusive tour by an employee named Giuromano he is an account manager for Google, and his willingness to show us all the cool parts of Google and its many features was a heaven send.I think it's safe to say that Mariama and I both left Google feeling innovated and inspired. Not to mention the cool and exclusive pieces that we bought in the gift shop while we were there.

Fact- Only 1% of people that apply for a job with Google get it.

Gratitude: I am very grateful for Giuromano's willingness to allow us to tour google. Today was nothing short of Amazing!!

I Love Europe:)



The View inside of Google was amazing. You can see Ireland at its finest.