Friday, June 16, 2017

Day Two: Is London ready?

Day two: KeAira takes on London

Before coming to this Amazing city I really didnt have a plan on how to best tackle the city, but it didnt take us long to learn the in and outs of the City.

We went to the museum of brands on Day Two. Before going I hadn't realized how long different products had been around and the different ways that companies use marketing tactics to market their products. It was amazing to see the evolution of products and how Brands really have been around as long as the world has been in existence.

After the visit to the Museum we landed an interview from a local clothing boutique. Along with the great interview we got a good recommendation on places to visit during our stay in London. We also took ourselves to Howth park were we laid out on the grass. Later in the night we walked on one of the London bridges that light up during the night.

Fun Fact: London Bridge is not the prettiest bridge in London. It is also just one of many.

Gratitude: Free spirited people that allow me to ask them questions.