Thursday, June 23, 2011


My first impression of Brussels was that it was a sort of sleepy type of city. Since I've been here I've come to find that it is quite the opposite. I came here with an open mind and ready to experience a culture different from my own and that is exactly what I have done. You never know how diverese the people of the world are until you emerge yourself in their lives. Even the simplest routine in life is different. For example at this moment I have had to correct my spelling a numerous amount of times because the keys of the keyboard are placed differently. In Brussels most of the people walk to get from location to location. I have never done so much walking in my life, but I got used to it. We have visited many resturants and boutiques and shopping stores. We also visited the Parliment in Brussels. It was very interesting to be informed in the ways their government is run. In the Parlimont buliding there is a beautiful structure in the middle of the buliding; it symbolizes that problems in one country effective others. I personally loved it. I am looking forward to the rest of our stay in Brussels and super excited about the rest of the trip.