Monday, June 27, 2011

Today's Assignment

In today’s assignment, I had to pick a product that I use in the United States and find a similar product here in Rotterdam. After looking around for a while, I decided to choose a detergent called Omo Color that was located in the AH Grocery Store here in Rotterdam, the price of this product was 10,00 euros (1.5 L). Of course, I recognized this detergent by the logo if I never would have seen it than I would have never known it was an actual detergent. But compared to the detergent in the U.S., Gain Liquid Detergent, which can be found in Wal-Mart, costs $14.97 (150 fl oz). I noticed a difference in that Omo Color was in liters and not fluid ounces like the Gain Liquid Detergent. But which of these products cost more? Varying on the exchange rate, I would choose the Omo Color detergent due to the fact that in U.S. dollars it would cost as much as $20.00. Both AH and Wal-Mart are groceries stores but they both sell the same but different products. I would than consider this product to be a standardization just because this products stays the same but then again the price might vary in the future, just depends.

In the other assignment, I had to search for a local newspaper and find an advertisement of my choosing which was about Ray-Ban eyewear.

This ad basically informs consumers about contact lenses, sunglasses, eye check-ups, glasses with the shade, etc. It also give you the price of how cheap you can get them which is 90,00 euros and the number and website to contact them at for your service. It’s great for an advertisement.