Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 27,2011

Today is our second day in Rotterdam. So far I love this city. Today was the camera race; we had to locate about ten spots. At the end of our race we came across a protest type of situation. People were protesting against the conservatives because they want to take away liberal arts. We have this same problem in the United States. I feel as though art is a very essential part of life itself; not just the United States but the world as a whole. This city is full of architectural creations. The hostel we are living in was the first on the list. Our hostel is made in reflection of trees. I love it I think it’s beautiful.  I loved walking across the river front. Then when we crossed the bridge I was in my own little piece of heaven. Since the beginning of this trip I have been exercising. Whether it was from running to security to another location or getting lost I have really put my legs to use over here. I noticed that both Brussels and Rotterdam are culturally more fit than America. I can say that I have seen at the most two people who were overweight. I think it’s because their normal type of travel is either walking or by a bicycle. The people here are nicer, I still get people who don’t know how to glance but for the most part I feel as though I look accepted. People still don’t give you your personal space, I guess they be a European thing. I can see myself coming back to Rotterdam, I really like the vibe of the city and its people.