Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wednesday in Belgium

I think that the students are finally 'getting' what it means to be in Europe. Everyone already has at least one story to tell and dozens of photos to show.

So far we have accomplished quite a few things:
  • Our classroom is set up and we are using it the best that we can. NOTE: Biff will teach on the balcony today. Lets see.
  • Everyone was able to connect with their families back home. Skype is the life saver.
  • Everyone is up and ready on time (8:00) for breakfast. NOTE: Those breakfast apples are really big!
  • Fascination with Belgian chocolate is as high as I have expected. Not so much with sparkling iced tea.
  • The visit to the European Parliament went very well but I still don't know who crashed the presentation: us or the Icelandic group?
  • Only one team has accomplished the camera race (and they have won a USB thumb drive)!
 Late last night we went to the GROTE MARKT and it was packed with people. A lot of youngesters were sitting on the ground (cobble stones) and drinking alcoholic beverages with police was roaming all around without paying any attention. Would never happen in the US, methinks.

Hotel de Ville (Town Hall)
at night, standing tall (215 ft)