Thursday, June 23, 2011

Falling into Brussels


Today is Thursday and there's a lot more to look forward to throughout the city of Brussels, Belgium. Setting some time aside for class work and homework now, yesterday was full of its own adventures. While going to visit a few boutiques down the streets of Rue Antoine Dansaerttraat, I found that some of the people here can make you want to........forget your in another country! And I also discovered for sure that maps are not my forte'. So far Brussels has proved to be a very unique city. There are lots of beautiful antique buildings and status to see around the city, and the people here come from a variety of different cultural backgrounds. On Tuesday we went on a tour of the European Parliament and it was really nice, and probably would have been a little better if we hadn't gotten brushed to the side by another group. But overall informative and interesting to see how differences within their decision processes differs from ours back in the U.S. The walks can sometimes get crazy long, but everyday has its new experiences. Well, until next time! Bonjur.