Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The port

Today after we were all instructed to go and meet our proffessor at the ports in Rotterdam. As we all decided to walk all the way there we go lost but on our way their we saw this giant green statue that is made of barrels. We finally made it to the ports and after we made it to the ports we met our teacher and go onboard the ship. After we got situated on the boat we all took a tour of the ports of Rotterdam. As we rode the boat we saw nothing but open water and were surrounded by giant cranes and vessels carrying tons of cargo. We learned about how many major companies decide to utilize this port to transport their cargo back and forth. Another thing that was discovered was how every company uses the same size storage units just so they can all fit and stack on top of each other perfectly. My experience today was something that was very different and I will never forget it.