Monday, June 27, 2011

Store Run

Today while we were in the grocery store looking for items to complete this assignment I found this medicine that is sort of like Pepto Bismol. I actually had to ask someone to explain it to me because I could not figure out what it was from just looking at the box. He told me that it was for stomach digestive problems. All Americans know a Pepto Bismol bottle from a mile away. It is pink and has the label around the bottle. This medicine came in a box and when I picked up the box I noticed that it was very light. In the United States a bottle of Pepto Bismol costs about 4 dollars. This medicine cost 10,96 euros. I’m not really surprised by the difference in prices because a lot of things here are overpriced in comparison with the prices in America. I found this in AH grocery store. This isn’t exactly the same product but I would say that the product is standardized.

 In the newspaper part of the assignment I found this advertisement for a 2 month training program. The ad basically asks if you made a choice in what you wanted to do early in life and if you would like to do something else. If so, of if you just wanted more information it gave the website for you to visit at the bottom left corner. When I first saw it, it reminded me of an old Cingular cellphone ad. It is actually like and Everest college type of thing.