Sunday, June 19, 2011

Start of the trip

It seems that storms have completely closed us off to leave Nashville on time. The whole group couldn't be rebooked because of a cancelled flight to Chicago, so everyone had to stay in the Music City USA for one night. I am stuck in Atlanta's Comfort Inn since I didn't make the connection to Brussels by about 5 hours. I am surprised by how customer unfriendly this Inn actually is. The minute we arrived (11PM local time), one receptionist at the front desk decided to take off leaving 15 people to be helped by one person only. Of course, with Murphy's guidance, slew of guests came over with their own problems cutting in front of the line. That slowed check-in process to a crawl.

Service evaluatitons:
  • Room cleanliness - average
  • Bathroom cleanliness - good
  • TV reception - as poor as it gets
  • Sound of AC - M1 Abrams comparable
  • Sound insulation - poor
  • Breakfast - very unhealthy selection
Overall evaluation: would not stay again.

 I think that all who decided to stay back in Nashville had easier day but I have one less leg to fly today.