Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Amsterdam adjustments

This morning we are starting this off again with class, as we took the trolly like metro back to Central Station, we took our morning walk to the library. The weather here seems to be just my speed. Nice and sunny with a cool breeze, nothing like the heat we get at home from the Georgia sun. After class today we are going to have the opportunity to visit the Anne Frank Museum, which I am really excited about. I know it is going to be really sad and maybe even a little emotional. Throughout my history classes back in the day, this happened to be a story that really intrigued me. Remembering dates and certain events on a timline, was never the thing that I was best at. But this experience should go down as one that I'll never forget, nevertheless a story like Anne Franks is unforgettable. Wouldn't you say?
Well the July 4th came and went, and though we did not do much celebrating over here, I'll always give remembrance to the day that continues to recognize those individuals that work hard to serve our country of the U.S. Europe is still continuing to be good to us, so as of now I have no major complaints. A little less bread to eat and a little more variety would be nice; but hey, "when in rome do as the romans do".