Monday, July 4, 2011


We had another great day and an interesting assignment in a new city. We toured Amsterdam. When I first got here, they said we were going on a three hour walking tour and I really didn’t know how I would make it! Three hours?? I psyched myself up and said, oh well, here I go. Dr. V told us to take five pictures of things that I enjoyed the most. The one I really enjoyed was visiting the Red Light District. It’s a long street with that’s distinguishes itself with either a Red or Blue light. It’s where people go to buy SEX from women or transvestites. Which by the way you're not allowed to take pictures of the working women or their clients. Our tour guide Jo took us on a street that’s more like an alley with windows without curtains. At one time the prostitutes would stand in the windows to advertise their business. But today, there are no prostitutes visibly seen in the alley. They don’t walk the streets like they do here in the states. When I asked about the vacant windows, Jo told us that the city bought the windows and the plan now is to put student art work on display through the district by 2010. She says they hope by changing the scenery it would cut down on the sex buying business. The prostitutes are fighting it because they say they’ll be forced to take their business to the streets which means they won’t have police or private security protecting them. I think I need to go back during the evening to see what the Red Light district is like at night.

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