Friday, July 1, 2011


Well we only have a couple more days left in Rotterdam and I must say that even though I am ready to go, I will miss Rotterdam. In my opinion the people are more friendly here, even though they tend to stare. They are not as bad as the people in Brussels. Today was Museum Day; we went to the Museum of Rotterdam and the Wereld (World) Museum. I enjoyed them both but the Wereld Museum was my favorite of the two. It had different displays from the around the world. I wish I could have taken pictures of the displays, they were amazing. It was a real eye opener. The Museum of Rotterdam was nice as well. Dr. V asked us to pay special attention to top floor which was about rituals from different cultures. I choose to check out the Chinese rituals. Chinese New Year is well known for their dragons, lion dancers, and fireworks. The lion dancers try to eat lettuce suspended over the entrance of shops. This is supposed to block evil and bring good luck to owner of the shop. The crane and deer symbolize a long prosperous life. The Phoenix symbolizes a dawn of of better times. I like that.