Saturday, July 2, 2011

Museums and Rituals


As we are still on the topic of rituals, today we went to the Museum Rotterdam. At the top of the museum is a level solely dedicated to rituals and this is some of the knowledge I discovered and took away from it all.... Easter, a holiday that my family and I take part in yearly was acknowledged in this exhibit. History on this holiday stated, that before the 1900's it was very difficult to preserve food which brought about starvation for many people. When spring arrived the harsh period was over and eggs symbolized the beginning of new life, along with large amounts of food to come.Bringing light to why Easter eggs, and Easter egg hunting is so popular during the holiday. Also during this time the ritual of cleansing the house and yard was done, to represent the time of spring cleaning. On Sunday people would go to church in their Sunday best, and during this Christianity ceremonies would bring remembrance to the death and life of Christ.