Tuesday, July 5, 2011


So the highlight of today is when we went to the Anne Frank house. First off the line was crazy long when we got there, which was about 3:30/3:45. It moved fairly quickly to be so long. When we got in they were switching shits. One thing about America is that they rush to be sure not to keep the customers waiting. Not the same train of thought here in Europe. They take their time doing everything. Whether you are getting checked out at a clothing store or at the front desk at the hostel, no one is in a hurry a to get to you. I digress, Anne Frank's museum is eye opening. Once you see how much space eight people had to live in it makes you realize that your dorm room isn't so bad. It really hit me that I was in her house when we went past the bookcase and when we had to go up the stairs. The stairs were very steep and one set was so steep and slender that we had to walk side ways to get up the stairs. I tried to imagine doing that everyday and trying to remain unheard at the same time; I realize that I am blessed beyond measure. I think that's a good note to end this blog. Be thankful for all you have and don't have, there is always someone who wishes they had what you have.