Saturday, July 9, 2011


For the last few days I have been missing in action, but now I'm back to the blogs. A lot of little activities and site seeing have went on in the past couple of days. Today is now Saturday and we only have two more full days left upon our European journey. This morning I think we all woke up pretty well rested, sleeping in is always a nice luxury.

Our speaker Thomas, who happens to be a good friend of Dr. V's, came over from London to speak with us and tell us a little about what he does for a living. With his background in economics I enjoyed being able to relate to his conversations from a marketing point of view. Also today, myself and the other girls visited The 9 Streets district, filled with Dutch designer's it was very popular among the people here. I was able to speak with some of the boutique employees and get a great sense of the style and the views on fashion here in Amsterdam. Another spontaneous day of weather we had today; I woke up to it being very overcast and rainy, and when we first got out it was very chilly. But on our way back to the Hostel it warmed up and welcomed us with a little nice weather. We made our way to Bagels and Beans once again, a bagel and coffee chain that they have here in Europe. If you like bagels this is the place for you, the food is really good and the service as well.

Throughout the past few days our group has done a canal ride, took a journey through the red light district, and taken a trip to the U.S consulate and the Van Gogh museum. And I can't forget the Flower Market, Thursday the marketing students took a trip to FloraHolland. I huge flower market where people come and place their bid on flowers to buy. The venue is huge and it seems like serious business goes down when it comes to bidding on flowers. All the flowers were beautiful and the place was filled with any type of flower you could think of. All of these places provided the perfect setting for pictures, and i made sure to get lots of them. Well.....until the next blog, enjoy!