Saturday, July 9, 2011

Museum Day and MORE!!!!!!!!!

Today has been a pretty laid back day so far, and I really am enjoying it. The past couple of days have been filled with museums, site seeing and a little shopping. I finally got all my souvenirs today; big accomplishment! Yesterday was Museum Day, we went to the Vincent Van Gogh Museum and Jasmine and I went to the NEMO Museum. I'm not a huge art guru so at first I was thinking the Van Gogh Museum was going to be like any other museum. While I was walking through I started seeing pieces that I fell in love with. If I go to more museums like that I may end being the person that stands in from of a painting for hours analyzing every brush stroke. I have a while before I become that person! I bought a couple postcards to act as the pictures I wanted to take, even though I was tempted to sneak a picture or two. I followed the rules and respected the art and Van Gogh. After Van Gogh we headed to NEMO ( after a brief nap of course). NEMO is a scientific museum, it was full of different interactive exhibits on every corner. Later that day we finally got to go on the long awaited Canal Cruise. It was so nice and peaceful. I loved watching the local people sailing by on their boats or relaxing on the side the canal. Thursday we visited the U. S. Consulate. The Consulate provides visas to the U. S. for those who choose to live there permanently or visit. The also are the people who contact your family if you get into a strange situation while abroad, at your request of course. 
For class Dr. V asked us to find three different products, the brand name and their generic counter partner. I photographed yogurt, candy and cheese. I noticed that all of the generic brands look identical to the brand name versions.                                                            
Another part of our assignment was that we photograph ads from different sources. My first ad is from a magazine I found at the library. When i saw this I knew I had to share it because it is advertising finger nail polish for men. The ad states " Be a man and wear MAN". They are trying to change the preconceived notion that finger nail polish is for just women. I think it will take a while for this to catch on in the U. S. but it probably will work over here in Europe because they are more open.
This next ad is a poster posted outside of the library advertising this authors book.
This ad was inside Etos which reminds me of a Walgreens type store.