Sunday, July 20, 2014

Better in Berlin

The train ride to Berlin was interesting. Well really it was so hot!! Probably worse than my room in Amsterdam. However I got a kick out of the people in my program feeling if not worse than I felt. You have to laugh at misery. 
When we got to Berlin, the vibe of city was very calming. I liked the structures and landmarks. The people seemed a little uptight, but my professor explained that they are all about structure, rules, and order. I'm aiming to have a better attitude here because the city is so big and my undivided attention is required. We have a walking tour today and I'm excited about it because my mind is completely open and ready for today. I plan on making this an adventure. Most of all I'm going to finsh this week strong. I want to go back to America enlighten with so much information and culture that I can inform my friends and family with. 
I am loving the hostel here an my roommates are an interesting group of people I plan on learning from all of them. It's something about being in a room with a group of grown women that makes you want to get a better understanding about life. Notice I said grown. Rather than being caty towards one another and making someone feel uncomfortable, being able to speak to one another comfortably is such a great feeling. Responsibility is what I need in my life, enough to be an example for someone else and encourage them to do better. So that's what Berlin is going to be all about for me. I plan on coming out this week a winner.