Saturday, July 19, 2014

Day 1---Berlin

July 19, 2014
            Today is still a hot day. The worse thing is we were leaving Amsterdam in such a hot day. I was so sleepy because I didn’t sleep well last night. After we get on the train, set our seats, I took out my Ipad to watch a movie. I fell sleep by using only 5 minutes. After I woke up, I found the air condition stopped working. And everybody could feel this hot. Actually I was kind of afraid of hot. It makes me crazy, irritable, and think things in a wrong way.
            After almost 7 hours, we arrived at Berlin. It was still hot here. I can’t wait to have a shower. Our hostel is kind of good. We can have WiFi in our room. Everybody was happy with that. However, the WiFi signal was not that kind of stable. I can’t connect the WiFi for half hour. I didn’t know the reason. And they will change the password everyday. What I can do is hope it will be stable in the rest days.

Although I have a bad day today, but I still thought that this city will be the best city among these three capitals. I can’t wait to explore it. The first thing I want to know is beer. Germany beer is famous all around the world. It doesn’t make sense if I don’t have a beer in German, in such a hot day. So I will drink it tonight.