Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ignorance is Bliss

Monday 7/14/14, my first full day in Amsterdam. I was so tired and drowsy from the day before so my attitude wasn't as good as it was in Paris. However I was satisfied about our new living arrangement. The rooms at the Stay Okay Hostel are bigger and the showers are cleaner. We also have 2 meals!! Now I can save my money. That's  always nice. 
We went on a tour with a guy named Kor. He was very energetic, just like  Nancy, our tour guide in Paris. He was very intriguing and made the tour interesting and he was easy to understand. The tour was a wee bit longer than he said it would be and I was extremely tired. He took us everywhere and educated us on the Dutch. As an African American I initially had a reaction to the Dutch because of how brutal and inhumane they treated my ancestors. However I put aside my personal feelings and listened. There's always three sides to a story, his hers and the truths. Truth is this  world, it's people overall is ignorant to itself. I never understood why it's so easy to be mean and hateful towards one another 
I learned that not only did the Dutch treat Africans cruel, but as well as the Indonisian people. Being robbed of your culture and customes had been so heartbreaking. I'm not sure if I could've survived. 
Kor did tell us it was about one thing, money. The root of all evil so to speak. In my head, to me it was paper. Is it wrong for me to think that way? Maybe I'm just not use to having it although I love having it when I do. I read that money was created to assist you. How much assistance does one need?  We ended the tour near Anne Franks house, I must admitt she inspired me to always write when I read her story in middle school. I thought what her father Otto did was courageous when the Natzi was closing in. I really hate it that a little girl with bright ambitions was robbed of her own life because society saids your not good enough or the way you look, and act is wrong. Where you come from, who you come from, which you have no control over is wrong and you and everything you stand for should be terminated in the image of...
Religion, race, and money