Thursday, July 24, 2014

Concentration Camp visit

7/23/14 I went to a concentration camp in Sachsenhausen. My expectations before going was seeing  where they slept and maybe a gas chamber. However that was not the case and it think in the end that was okay because emotionally I wouldn't have been ready to see a real deal concentration camp. The more I thought about it I'm glad the cabins and bunkers were not there and if it wasn't for history it all would and should be burned to dust. I cursed the hands that built them. 
As much as I feel for my African ancestors being taken away from my homeland  and put into slavery, and murdered, I have to say it; Europeans experienced the same. There was. A sign that said something like "Work and you'll be free." I could only imagin those believing in that. Working everyday to the bone, malnutrition and all. What Hitler and the Natzi did was horrifying.if anything should be seperated good and bad people should one. But I guess that's the problem everyone thinks there good. 
The stories I heard were terrible. Our tour guide said they would manipulate and toture and kill the Jews, communist, gays etc in the most sick ways. One form of execution the Natzi use to perform was pretending to measure them and when they turn around they would shoot them in the back for the neck. That's so cowardly of them. Too afraid to look them in the eyes before killing them.  
The way the world use to be is sick. It's really flaborgasting that the way our world use to be is just a little bit just as worst as it was today. As a normal citizen of any country you can speculate, and assume that our generation hurts the world. Honestly then isn't too far from now.