Thursday, July 24, 2014

Day 6---Berlin

July 24, 2014
            Today is the best day since I have been in Berlin. The temperature is wonderful, the food is great, and the mood cannot be better.
            We went to Transparency International to learn a lot about the corruption. As our speakers, Marie Terracol and Katja Bechtel told us some basic theories about corruption, and how did the Transparency International do about integrity. It was really interesting. I also saw the ranking of corruption perceptions index, which TI gave to me. I noticed that the first place is Denmark, which has 91 score, United States is ranking 19th with 73 scores, and China is ranking 80th with 40 scores. As a Chinese, I know pretty much about the corruption in China. From a teacher to a politician, corruption is a serious problem in China. I think the reason maybe China is a developing country. Corruption is easier to happen in a developing country. Here I have a real story about that. When I was in High School, many parents left after the parents meeting. What they do was asking the teacher about their children’s behavior in school. Then they asked the teacher if she has a minute, so they could talk privately. They gave the teacher a shopping card with about 100 dollars. And guess what, this parent child was taken a good care from the teacher. This student was moved to the seat, which was really close to the blackboard. Meanwhile, the teacher always asked this student if he have a problem. If he had, the teacher would teach him very patiently. What would happen next? More and more parents came to give the teacher a shopping card.
             However, China had already noticed that the seriousness of corruption. The government began to pay more attention on fighting corruption. In my opinion, it won’t be eradicated, but the situation must be better and better. I love my country. I hope it can be better and better so that people who are living here can feel more senses of pride as a Chinese.