Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Day 4 of Paris 7/9/14

Today I decided to sleep in since we didn’t have a class meeting this morning. I finally got up around noon to meet Dr. V for lunch. Having lunch together gave us time to bond as a class, and share our thoughts on Paris so far.  We ate lunch at one of the best falafel restaurants in Paris. I had a huge streak falafel that I loved, but a little person like me couldn’t finish it.  After lunch we went to get dessert, everyone had something different and delicious. I had a strawberry pastry, and believe it or not this was my very first time trying one. After lunch we planned to go to a park, unfortunately the rain stopped us from going. When the rain calmed down we went to Concord to do our individual interviews. I did my first interview at this boutique called Massaro. Massaro is one of the most popular shoe makers, and they have been around since 1894. They are responsible for the Chanel shoe collection, and many other couture brands. I got a chance to interview the manager, Laura Barbin, and she provided me with a lot of valuable information. However, the greatest advice she gave me was to do my own research. The fashion industry is very competitive and people are not willing to give away free information that they worked hard to get. After interviewing her I felt very ignorant about the fashion industry, but it only inspire me to work harder. After we got done with our interviews the day was just about over. The rain had started up again, which wasn’t a surprise.  We quickly walked to the metro, and headed back to the hostel. When I got back I was so tired, however, I couldn’t get any sleep because my roommates kept me up all night and entertained.