Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Day 5---Berlin

July 23, 2014
            Today is a great day for me. I had enough sleep, finished my interview, and booked my hotel in Munich.
            When I did my interviews, I can feel the happiness they have. They are so proud of their team. They treated every player in the team as a hero. As a big fan of Germany football, I was also so happy when they won the championship. My favorite FC team is Bayern München, and my favorite national team is German. I watched the final game in the hostel bar of Amsterdam. I remembered that when Götze scored the goal in the overtime, I am so happy. But I didn’t act like I am so happy because there are some Argentina fans just sit near me. I don’t want to have trouble about this.  At that time, I want to come to Berlin as soon as I can so I can see how crazy in Berlin. Football is not a simple sport to German. It is a kind of necessary in people's normal life. You can see people wear their team jerseys everywhere. Bundesliga has the highest attendance all around the world. People become crazy for football.
As a Chinese, I wish I could feel this kind of proud for Chinese national team in the future. In China, people always said that the Chinese national team is suck. But when we have a match, we still support them loyally. What we need to have is a good system to operate the football market. If we have that, I think we will become better and better.