Sunday, July 13, 2014

Day 1---Amsterdam

July 13, 2014
             Today we took a three hours train from Paris to Amsterdam. I had taken trains so many times in China. Compares the train to China, the seat of European train is more confortable, even the second class. Meanwhile, there are trainmen selling foods and drinks in the train in China. I really hate these men because I like to sleep when I took train. I can’t fall sleep when they pushing the selling car and yelling to pass by. However, there are no trainmen selling them in European. So I can sleep well.
            I will see the final game of World Cup tonight. I am so exciting because I am a fan of Germany. I think they were doing very well in the semi-final game, and would win the championship. Germany has been mightily grateful for his impact, never more so than in his remarkable performance in the 7-1 semifinal thrashing of Brazil. What’s more, Muller has already scored 5 goals in this World Cup. I think he will score 2 tonight and pass James Rodriguez to be the winner of the Golden Boot. Last but not least, from goalkeeper to center forward, Germany is a team without a weakness. With the exception of an erratic performance against Algeria in the second round, Germany has played like a perfect team machine, getting goals from defenders, midfielders and forwards alike.
            However, they still have challenge. Argentina is a tough team because they have Messi, It's obvious what the biggest talking point for Germany will be: stopping Messi. Also, No European team has ever won a World Cup played in the Americas. Whether that's because of the climate, the fan support or something else. But I think Germany can buck the trend. Let’s go Germany.