Thursday, July 24, 2014


7/21/14 we went to Parliament. Being there helped me understand the political history in Germany. The way the city is now it's almost unbelievable how divided they were. Our tour guide was awesome he spoke clear English. I think that the German government system is more complex than the U.S. but the structure is more organized. I'm glad I've been to the capital in Washington D.C. because you see and understand it all better first hand and just being on the same soil as the ones I've read about as a child. Politics have never really been my thing because governmental corruption scares me. However I know it all isn't what it seems. I just want to be more opened and less ignorant to the world. 
This day was hot! Berlin has dry heat, I couldn't wait to get back to the hostel and just lay down a bit and rest. The one thing that tears me pieces being here is carbonated water and no ice! If you ask for ice they get mad, if you ask for tap or still water they act confused. I'm like what was it before you made it carbonated, and did you know ice is only frozen water?