Thursday, July 24, 2014

Walking in Berlin

Today was another day of hard work with my classmates. We woke up, ate breakfast and went straight to work. We went to five districts in Berlin collecting data from bakeries, grocery stores and two star hotels, as we did in Paris and Amsterdam. The weather in Berlin is humid but it makes you want to work for some strange reason, or maybe that was my state of mind. My classmates and I worked as a team to do it all. First we went to Mitte district and walked around to find what we were look for. We ran into the Berlin Wall. I absolutely had to stop and take a selfie with it. I felt accomplished touching it. Not too many 21 year old females have been in my place. 
The Tiergaete district was the  next district we went to. What I loved most about it was it's architecture. That side of town was more modern. It also seemed as if they were still in the process of expanding. Kreizberg was the third, my team and I were still going. I just wanted to knock out everything as quick as possible. Schoenberg was the fourth and by then I was almost drained. It was extremely hot and my water wasn't cold. What I did enjoy was the graffiti art on the walls of the buildings. I have seen it everywhere. I was ready to get back to our hostel. Friedrichshain was the last district I went to I was so thankful that the grocery store and hotel was in the same building. So we only stayed in the area for about 10 minutes. 
The best part about the day was that the work got done!