Tuesday, July 8, 2014

First Day in Paris!

As we began to land in Paris, I was so relieved that we made it here safe. Before we came I ended my summer session 1 with a term paper in my Law and Ethics class over Coleen Rowley. Flying has always been a slight fear of mine but I think me taking intrest in learning over seas helps me slowly but surely get over it.

My first day here was... intresting. We had to tote our suitcases through the train station, up and down the stairs. It was so frustrating. I kept saying to myself "Why did  I pack right at 50 pounds". Carrying our bags up the staircases just to get to the trains expeditiously was well worth it because I did not want to get left behind. However getting on the trains was just as complicated.
Imagin you have your 50 pound suitcase and so does the person to your left and right and behind you does to and you all are trying to go into the same door to get on the train, not only do you have that in common but the fear of being left behind on the first day with no sense of direction in the train station, also you don't even no where your hostel. Regardless if I get left behind I knew the smartest thing for me to do is to just sit there if my intructor does a head count he will realize I'm missing. Thankfully it didn't have to come to that.
Getting on and off the train at a timly matter sounds like its not hard huh? LIke I said before I had suitcase and the all around me did as well, but also you have to get  through the French citizens who were bumrushing the doors just like we are. It was like we all had a mission and that was to not miss our rides. So we did what we have to do; push, shove, whatever. I kept a good grip on the poles in the train so I wouldn't lose my balance as the train jerked us away and jerked us when we stopped. In the end my first lesson in Paris but also life was to be aggressive with life and hold on tight.